CitizenBlue Business

Need a hand getting your empty beverage containers refunded? CitizenBlue is here to help. We offer a range of redemption services for small to large businesses across Sydney. These include:


Our depot has a convenient, fast operation for our over-the-counter service.

Bring your containers to us at 310 Princes Highway, St Peters, and we’ll give you your refunds in cash. If you have a bulk amount of containers (500 or more) we can process them for you and get your refunds back to you into your bank account.

Collection Service

CitizenBlue can provide you with secure collection bins to store your beverage container waste onsite, minimise breakage and collect your empties 7 days per week. Collection services for larger quantities of empties (1,000 or more per week) are offered to metro locations at no net cost and smaller operations with limited space can bring their containers to our depot.

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Waste-Free Events

Ever been one of the last people to leave a music festival or even a big game of footy? The grounds can be knee-deep in garbage and sadly, this garbage is often caught by wind or rain, it’s not uncommon to often find traces of it kilometres away!

CitizenBlue and its event partners can tackle any challenge to help you manage the rubbish your event generates, and we can probably do it while saving you money at the same time .

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Public Place Recycling

Our public places are designed for all of us to enjoy.

Let’s face it – we are the ones who make the mess. Why do we leave it to local councils to bear all of the responsibility for cleaning up our rubbish?

CitizenBlue has developed a unique self-funding, public place recycling system that allows us to scale up a council’s efforts to deliver public place recycling systems. We do this both by working with local business to tackle the litter generated around their premises, and by generating community-owned bin systems that can directly reduce the amount of rubbish found in our favourite places. We also funnel the refunds on empties towards other important community clean-ups and waste education.

Finally, we also deploy teams of street champions to patrol the streets and both educate people about how to handle their waste while also cleaning up the local area.

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