Our Collection Services

If you are business or community group with drink containers and need a hand getting your 10 cent refunds for bottles and cans – CitizenBlue is here to help.

Collection Services

CitizenBlue offers equipment and collection services to help you get refunds for recycling. We work with large and local businesses, small organisations and individuals to collect the drink containers you generate and tackle the litter around and in their premises. We can return those refunds to you, or funnel the refunds towards important community clean-ups and charities.

CitizenBlue can provide you with secure collection bins to store your drink bottles and cans onsite. Collection Services for larger quantities are offered in Sydney and the greater Sydney area. You can book a collection for a share of the refund income to cover the cost of transport.  And you’ll save money because you won’t be paying for them to be landfilled.

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Charity Donation Bins

CitizenBlue and Coca-Cola Australia are partnering on a project to keep bottles and cans out of our oceans!

We are placing our branded donation bins in key venues where the public and organisations can donate their containers to charity.

Raising money for charity? Get in touch today!