About Us

CitizenBlue runs an Automated Depot in Five Dock, NSW.

Our aim is simple but challenging: NO WASTE TO WATER

Each of us have made specific commitments to achieving that goal; CitizenBlue’s initial pledge is two part:

  • 1. To transform Sydney into the Cleanest City in the world by 2020; and
  • 2. To recover at least 350 million pieces of rubbish, and stop them from polluting our waterways and lands

The first step to achieving our aim is to develop our Five Dock Depot, where we have established a range of programs to redeem empty beverage containers as part of the NSW Government ‘Return and Earn’ initiative.

These programs include:

  • On-the-spot cash refunds for customers who drop in to our depot with under 1,500 containers
  • Drop-off options for busy people
  • Collection services for groups and businesses