The Mission

How We’ll Do It

Our strategy to mobilise the community focuses on 5 key actions:

Political Leadership

Hats off to the NSW Government, which in September 2015 made ‘Keeping Our Environment Clean’ a priority for the state and aims to “reduce the volume of litter in NSW by 40%, by 2020”, this, combined with the tough new litter laws and the commencement of “Return & Earn” in December, has sent a clear message that the rubbish on our streets and waterways isn’t OK.

Now it’s up to CitizenBlue to rally business, communities and local government, and coordinate the effort to achieve this goal.


A common feature shared by most of the cities commonly labelled the cleanest (Honolulu, Copenhagen, Vienna, Helsinki, Calgary, Freiburg, Hamburg, and of course, Adelaide), is the use of a take-back scheme for bottles and cans to underpin success. The start of “Return & Earn” in NSW on 01/12/2017 is our launch pad for action.

By turning rubbish into community money, the NSW Government has created the incentive to declare a real war on waste. CitizenBlue will help organisations tap into that money and direct it to achieving even greater results.


While “Return & Earn” creates a new recycling network reaching across the state, it isn’t a silver bullet. Small physical businesses like cafes, pubs and clubs, are major consumers of packaging and other convenience items, and find it difficult to manage their waste, let alone the rubbish that some of their customers leave on the outside of their premises.

CitizenBlue is creating community owned micro-enterprises to help local businesses better tackle their waste – offering daily collections, custom made waste storage solutions and solving many of their problems.


Recycling is one of the environmental activities that everyone has embraced. Australia’s kerbside recycling system reaches roughly 97% of the population, but when you’re drinking a juice after a walk along the beach, recycling isn’t as easy. The proposed 1,000 Reverse Vending Machines (RVM) will do a great job of helping people recycle the containers they consume at home but they can’t be expected to be on every street corner. To compliment that effort and drastically cut the amount of rubbish in streets, parks and beaches, CitizenBlue will offer business and local government an additional 200 public place recycling bins to be installed and serviced by us across the inner city at no cost! We’ll double that number again by March and double it again in June.

Which councils will be the first to take the CitizenBlue pledge and give us access to install these new bins? Get in touch with us today!


It is time to get smart about waste, learn from other states, and deploy some of their effective solutions – our first innovation is to deploy a new public place recycling city – the first to be independently funded across the city that will dramatically increase the number of bins to capture litter and capture beverage containers which will generate funds to introduce more and more programs.

Additionally, two promising programs that we have been following are The Sea Bin Project (an innovative Aussie invention!), and “Mr. Trash Wheel” – a self-powered water wheel, tackling debris in Baltimore Harbour.

“The Sea Bin Project”

“Mr. Trash Wheel”